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Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Tips

We recommend you avoid tie bets altogether, since they give the house an advantage of about 20%. By sticking to only the banker and player bets, the house advantage will remain at a minimum, thereby maximizing your chances of winning. Betting on the player gives the house a 1.36% edge Betting on the banker gives the house a 1.17% edge, so alway betting on the banker will give you the best possible chnace of winning every time.

Some baccarat players believe in streaks and will bet on whoever won the last hand. This strategy does not give you better odds though as each hand has a close to 50-50 chance of happening.

Tip #1: The one card placed face up on the table indicates how many cards the dealer will burn. If the card turned up is a four of clubs, the dealer will burn four cards.

Tip #2: In baccarat, the casino takes a commission whenever a player wins a bet placed on the banker side. This is because betting on the banker has an inherent 1.06 percent advantage. Bets are paid at 19/20.

Tip #3: Twos through nines are counted at face value; tens and all jacks, queens and kings count as zero; and aces count as one. Suit is irrelevant in baccarat.

Tip #4: First and third cards are dealt to the player. Second and fourth cards are dealt to the banker.

Tip #5: For any total over nine, only the last digit is taken - for example, a total composed of a six of clubs and a six of diamonds is two. If either the player or the banker has a total of eight or nine, it's called a "natural" and automatically wins - unless the other hand also has a natural, in which case the two hands tie.

Tip #6: If the player holds a total of less than six or seven, the player draws.

Tip #7: With a total from zero to two the bank always draws; with a total of seven the bank always stands; with a total of three the bank draws, unless the player drew and its third card was an eight; with a total of four the bank draws, unless the player drew and its third card was an eight, nine or ace; with a five the bank draws, unless the player drew a third card outside the range of four through seven; with a six the bank stands, unless the player drew a third card of either a six or a seven.

Martingale Betting System

This is an easy system to understand but can dig you into a deep hole very quickly should you have a long string of losses.

You attempt to win 1 unit (£1, or £5, or whatever) on every hand. Your first bet is 1 unit on player or banker. If the bet is won, you start again at 1 unit. If the bet is lost, you double the next bet to 2 units. Winning at this stage gives you a win of 1 unit (1 unit lost followed by 2 units won). Should you lose again, then you double your bet again, this time to 4 units. And again, a win at this stage is of 1 unit (1 unit lost, 2 units lost and 3 units won). And so on until you win. Given a 'normal' sequence it should not be too long before you register a win which covers your losses and provides a win of 1 unit.


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