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Free Casino Money in Online Gambling

The concept of free money within gambling is an interesting one, many online gambling sites such as online casinos offer free chips to gamble with. With some of these offers no deposit of any money is actually needed to get these casino chips or “free money”, but take note though, you almost always have to deposit money before you can withdraw any winnings that where gained from playing the free casino chips (free money) in the casino.

A typical example would be the Circus online casino in August 2010, where any new player that registered a credit or debit card at the online casino got £25 in free money to gamble with at the casino.

With this example offer you would not be able to withdraw any winnings at all until after you have bet a certain amount at the online casino, this would be different depending on what casino game you’re playing. Usually the higher the casino edge of the casino game the less you would have to bet on this game before you can withdraw any money,  in this example you would have to bet £1000 on slots, but £2000 on roulette before you could withdraw any winnings. Any money you gambled on blackjack would not count towards this betting total.

After you had bet the required amount, according to the game you where playing, you where allowed to withdraw any winnings you had on top of the £25 free casino money you where granted in the first place, up £200 in this case. The only stipulation was that you needed to deposit at least £35 before you could withdraw your winnings.

I decided to waive my deposit bonus on that £35; a deposit bonus would be another bonus in your casino account and would mean that you would then have to gamble more money in the casino before you could withdraw because you had just had a casino bonus.

Because I waived the deposit bonus in this case I was able to withdraw my £200 winnings from the £25 free casino money meaning I had made a total £200 free money straight to my bank account, simply by gambling with free money that wasn’t mine and depositing and withdrawing £35 from my credit card.

A few things to be aware of though in relation to these casino money offers: Always read all the terms and conditions before you take up the offer, and take special note of the countries from which you are allowed to claim the offer as you will definitely not be able to claim these free casino gambling money offers from any country in the world!

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